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Ted Kluck 5 Tips for Starting a Successful Podcast


Podcast popularity in recent years, and that trend likely won't stop anytime soon. With an increasing audience, more and more podcasters are stepping up to provide content they hope will be valuable to listeners.

But if you've ever thought about launching your own podcast, where do you start? Ted Kluck, associate professor of communication arts at Union University and a veteran podcaster himself, has some tips for aspiring podcasters. READ MORE

Stephanie Hawley working with a student 5 Tips for Writing an Effective Résumé


You've found a job opening for a position you'd love to have. You expect you'll have a lot of competition for such an incredible job. How can you make your résumé stand out from other applicants?

Stephanie Hawley, director of Union University's Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career, offers the following tips to increase your chances of getting an interview. READ MORE

Justin Wainscott preaching in chapel 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Sermon


For Christians, the Sunday morning sermon should be an important time each week for personal edification and spiritual growth. How can you be a proactive consumer and not just a passive listener?

Justin Wainscott, associate dean and assistant professor of ministry in Union University's School of Theology and Missions, has some tips for how church members can maximize their benefit from the preaching they hear each week. READ MORE

The Co-working Commons will be an awesome collaborative space for students across campus and the cross in the window will remind us that Christ should always be at the center of all that we do. 3D Print of the New Academic Building


Yesterday we unveiled our most complex 3D-printed project yet! This model of Union's new academic building, which will be the future home of the McAfee School of Business and the departments of engineering and computer science, contains over 1,200 pieces (so far) and is 2 percent of the actual building size. Complete with a large makerspace, entrepreneurship labs, an innovation gallery and more, this building will allow our students to take their ideas to a whole new level. READ MORE

This year we were able to begin construction on a new academic building. This will house the McAfee School of Business, and the departments of computer science and engineering. The university has installed a live camera feed so that construction progress can be enjoyed by all. Top 10 Photos of 2023


As we begin a new year, we look back at the wonderful blessings that 2023 held for Union University. From reminiscing on the past 200 years to building the future, 2023 has been a year filled with celebration and growth. READ MORE

Union students help break ground Sept. 9, 2022 on a 40,000-square-foot academic building on the Great Lawn that will house the McAfee School of Business and the departments of computer science and engineering. Top 10 Photos of 2022


From a brand-new cafeteria to Union's bicentennial kick-off celebration, 2022 has been a BIG year for Union University. So, we thought we'd gather some of our favorite memories from this year. Please enjoy a few moments that made 2022 an unforgettable year at UU. READ MORE

Bulldog Madness is one of our favorite events during Homecoming, and this year, our photographer captured this action shot of Ty Parks during the dunking contest. Top 10 Photos of 2021


2021 was a big year for Union University, so we thought we'd gather some of our favorite moments from last year. Despite a lot of challenges in our world, we've managed to make some amazing memories here with our Union family. READ MORE

Alan Chamness presents Garrison McCord to the church after baptizing him at Henderson's First Baptist Church August 5, 2018. Giving back: How alumni can share their Union story with others


As a 1970 graduate, Alan Chamness's life was transformed at Union University, and he has never shied away from sharing Union's mission with others while serving at First Baptist Church in Henderson, Ky., for over 40 years. In this role, Chamness has had the gift of mentoring generations of Union students, and Robbie Graves, assistant vice president for undergraduate admissions, says Chamness is responsible for more than 150 students attending Union. READ MORE

Dub Oliver at his desk Leading through the COVID-19 pandemic: A reflection from a college president


It is as clear to me today as it was last March 16, actually, even more clear.

I remember waking up Monday, March 16, and being frustrated. Not the best way to start your day. Not even a good way to start your day. I was in the middle of grief — grief over the fact that we had to make the difficult decision to suspend our face-to-face instruction in the midst of a confusing and chaotic beginning to what we now know well as the COVID-19 pandemic. The week before the World Health Organization had declared a global pandemic, cases were beginning to be identified in the United States, and governing authorities and leaders were scrambling to take decisive actions to protect people when very little was known about the disease. READ MORE

Tornado Memorial Alumna reflects on the day after Feb. 5, 2008


Although I often tell the story of Feb. 5, 2008, I rarely tell of Feb. 6.

Yet, when I was recently asked to describe "one snapshot from my life that shaped who I am today," I could have chosen from a dozen formative moments in my life. But this is the story that came to mind.

It was the morning after the tornado. I will never forget my mom arriving to Jackson early that morning and us heading over to campus in the small hope I might be able to retrieve anything I owned. Only a few hours earlier we had received the news that every student made it out alive. As we ascended the hill from Pleasant Plains Road, I will never forget seeing the view. READ MORE

Tips for Students Transitioning to an Online Learning Environment


Social distancing, safer-at-home orders and shortages of toilet paper. This isn't what you thought 2020 would look like, is it? You may be feeling overwhelmed, uncomfortable, sad, angry, stressed... you name it. It's OK to feel these things. A pandemic was not in any of our plans for this year.

Though we may not be physically present with you, the faculty and staff of Union University are allied with you as we move through these uncharted waters together. We've compiled some tips, strategies and resources to help you 海角乱伦社区ly navigate this period of social distancing and remote learning. READ MORE

5 Tips for K-12 Teachers who are Teaching Online Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic


A few short weeks ago, you probably never envisioned that you'd now be teaching without your classroom. Sure, you may have taken an online class, but you may have never taught one! In the wake of COVID-19, many K-12 teachers, like you, have been tasked with converting face-to-face lessons into online instruction.

At the surface, it's OK if it seems a little daunting, or novel, to say the least. After all, feelings of uncertainty during times of change are natural, but deep down, you know you've got this! As an educator, "adaptable" is your middle name, but even so, a few tips never hurt. In the midst of the pandemic in which you find yourself, Union University is here to offer some support. READ MORE