75 Best Funny and Amazing Art Puns for Instagram

Best Funny and Amazing Art Puns for Instagram

75 Best Funny and Amazing Art Puns for Instagram
75 Best Funny and Amazing Art Puns for Instagram

If you’re an artist who struggles to get the creative juices flowing, all you have to do is look at some of the most popular Instagram hashtags for inspiration. You can either search for something general like #art, or consider using specific hashtags like #mixedmedia, #watercolor, and #oilpaint. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your other art friends that you didn’t spend hours on your piece just to come up with these puns! Here are 75 best art puns for Instagram for when you’re trying to be Instagram famous.

A clay in the life.

A good beginning makes a good blending.

A move in the light direction.

A pigment of your imagination.

A rolling tone gathers no moss.

Absence makes the art grow fonder.

After all is said and tone.

All that and pen some.

Always look on the light side of life.

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And clay lived happily ever after.

At the crack of drawn.

Between a chalk and a hard place.

Bits and masterpieces.

Blend the rules.

Blended by the light.

By no etch of the imagination.

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Carved in tone.

Chalk a block.

Chalk full of problems.

Comfort tone.

Count to pen.

Crosshatch to the other side.

Cute and Short Art Captions for Instagram

Crosshatch your fingers.

Don’t chalk it till you’ve tried it.

Don’t chalk the boat.

Don’t get me arted.

Draw a line in the sand.

Draw to a close.

Drawn with the wind.

Easel up.


Etched in tone.

Get off to a bad art.

Going, going, drawn!

Have the final clay.

I’m etching to go.

If it paint broke, don’t fix it.

In print condition.

In the lion’s pen.

It’s hard to pen down.

Keep chalking.

Kick-art your day.

Knock your chalks off.

Let’s clay in touch.

Like mosaic to my ears.

Luck of the draw.

Not for the paint of heart.

Nothing to light home about.

Off to a flying art.

On the home sketch.

Paint no mountain high enough.

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Paintbrush it off.

Pen and there.

Pop goes the easel.

Quick on the draw.

Ready pen you are.

Round the blend.

Set your mind at easel.

Smack daub in the middle.

That was draw-dropping.

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That’s not how you portrait it.

That’s the clay it is.

The mural high ground.

This is the last draw.

Artist Jokes and Puns for Instagram

Till the break of drawn.

Time to face the mosaic!

Tomorrow is another clay.

Under chalk and key.

Working around the chalk.

You are one art cookie.

You could’ve heard a pen drop.

You sure do look the art.

You’re doing a great daub.

You’re sketching the truth.

as pigment to be.

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