65+ Best Skateboarding Pick Up Lines for Skaters

Best Skateboarding Pick Up Lines for Skaters

Teaching someone how to skateboard can be a rewarding experience, but it’s definitely not something you should force on someone who doesn’t want to learn. Skateboarding pick up lines may seem like the best way to score with the skater you have your eye on, but they can also create some awkward situations if you don’t do them right! Here are 65+ best skateboarding pick up lines that won’t offend even the most hardened of hearts.

A good friend of mine injured his knee while skating. That is more likely to hurt the wheel terribly.

Are there handicap-stopping places before a skating park?

Are you a Zamboni driver, because you just smoothed out my rough edges

Avoid the skate for a date?

Beautiful skates! Wanna go over the Blue Line with me?

Can I borrow your skates for a little while? I promise to return them in good condition.

Can I buy you a drink? I think you’ve had enough skating for one night.

Can I have your phone number? I need to call my mom and tell her I met the girl of my dreams.

Child: Pop Shove It.

Congratulations ! You’ve Just Won A Date With The DM Slide Skater Champion Of The Year !

Did you know about the skater who got his elbow broken? It was fairly humerus.

Do you know how to do a triple axle?”

Do you want to go for a spin on my roller blades?

Donald Trump should start learning skating. He flips some debilitated 180s.

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Father: I need to figure out how to do stunts on the skateboard. Child: Pop, shove it!

Figuring out how to skateboard is simply half-pipe the fight.

Have you tried to grind other things, technically, using a skateboard?

He truly laments naming his canine “Flip”.

Hey girl! I’m very good at skateboarding, you can come over for a visit and I’ll put you through on riding my wood.

Hey honey, would you say you are a peak skateboard race? Because you are so with the curves and there’s me without any brakes.

How about we go on a date? I’ll take you to the skating rink and we can roller skate all night long.

How does a skateboarder convey his message? Via Air Mail.

I bet you and me would make a great pair of skaters.

I bet you and me would make a great pair on the rink.

I don’t usually go for girls in roller skates, but you’re an exception.

I long for you to be my skateboard, so I could give you a grind, a flip, and ride you the entire day.

I see you’re experiencing difficulty with your Skates, maybe I could check your skate acclimations to be of help.

I went around my friend’s home with my skates.

I wish you were my skateboard..So I could grind you, flip you and ride you all day

If I let my dad know I want to be an expert skateboarder, heelflip!

If It’s Longboards, Something Along: Ride Me And You’ll Get The Best Quality Longboard Wood

If You Don’t You’ll Get Tail

Funny Skateboarding Pick Up Lines

In all honesty, my skating profession and Jon Snow share some qualities. The two of them finished with an Ollie.

In case it’s a longboard, something in that manner, give me a ride and you’ll definitely receive Longboard wood of good quality.

Is it accurate to say that you are a figure skater? Your figure is breathtaking.

It is either you love skating, or you’re off-base.

It was difficult not to notice that we’re putting on the same jerseys.

I’m no Fred Astaire, but I can sure step to your rhythm.

I’m not a skating expert, but I know a good pair when I see one.

I’m not sure what you’re doing, but it looks pretty good from over here.

I’m not sure what you’re skating on, but I want to borrow it.

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I’ve never roller skated before, but I’m willing to try it with you.

Let’s roll! (Get it?)

Nothing can serve as a hindrance to skateboarders. Well, apart from pebbles.

Skaters don’t do shopping at Big Lots, why? They favor Ollie’s.

Today, en route to work, I clashed with a person riding a skateboard. Let’s just say, on a light note, I have a used skateboard for sale.

Wanna go for a spin on the rink? I promise to be gentle. 🙂

Wanna go skating on my love rink tonight?

Want to rehearse your kickflips? Come around and I’ll serve as your board.

What do a road skater and a stripper share practically? The two of them love crushing the rail.

What do skateboarders do when they’re truly gifted? The GoPro.

What do you call an expert skateboarder who just parted ways with his sweetheart? Homeless

What do you call an ineffectively built skating course? A shoddy line.

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What does a Soviet skateboarder acclaim an individual rider? “That is comradical, brother!”

What is the favorite skateboard trick of a gang member? The Crip flip.

Best Skateboarding Skating Pick Up Lines

What name do you give a Chinese skateboarder? Co-Ping.

You and me, we’d make beautiful music together on the rink.

You are a skateboard, right? Why? Cause I can give you a grind the entire evening.

You miss all shots if you don’t attempt to take any.

You must be a goalie, because you’ve got me in the net

You must be a hockey puck because you’ve got me totally off balance.

You’ll make do with hitting a half pipe, but can you do so with the full?

You’re pretty good at skating. I’m pretty good at kissing. Let’s see what happens when we put them together.

You’re pretty good on your skates. Do you want to teach me how to skate?

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You’re so hot, I could melt your ice skates

“Would you like to see me kickflip?” I inquired.

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