19 Best U and I Keyboard Pick Up Lines

Best U and I Keyboard Pick Up Lines

19 Best U and I Keyboard Pick Up Lines
Best U and I Keyboard Pick Up Lines

Even in the modern age of Tinder and Twitter, plenty of people still love to play hard to get when they’re dating someone new. Or, maybe you’re trying to flirt with someone online, but all your comments keep getting ignored by that person you want to talk to so badly? If this sounds like you, then don’t worry; we have the best U and I pick up lines for you! These U and I keyboard pick up lines are sure to help you win over that special someone!

Are we on a keyboard? No? Good. Then there’s no reason there can’t be something between U and I

Are you a keyboard? Cause you’re just my type

Hey girl (or guy). Are we on a keyboard? Cause U and I look good together.

Hey girl are you a keyboard? Because you’re definitely my type.

Heyy girl, are you a qwerty keyboard Cause i saw U & I together

I am so forward for geeks. That the W key on my keyboard has fallen for me.

I do not get it: “are you a keyboard? because you’re my type !” I just heard that PLine in a youtube video, and i do not get it.

I is so close to u on my keyboard.. Thats bcuz i love u

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I was just thinking the same thing they thought when designing the keyboard,That u and I should be together.

I wish we were a keyboard Because I is beside u

I wish we were on a keyboard. Cause U and I would be together.

If I could rearrange my keyboard, I would put U and I together. Oh, would you look at that?

Funny U and I Keyboard Pick Up Lines

If I could rearrange the QWERTY-keyboard I would put U & I together .. wait, never mind.

If time machines get invented during our lifetime, I’d go back to the 1870’s, get a job creating typewriter keyboard layouts, and put U and I together.QWERTY-UI-OP

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Let’s be like a QWERTY keyboard and put “U” and “I” together.

Look at your keyboard, what do you see? The u and the I are together.

Made You Look You know what my favorite thing about a keyboard is? U and I are together.

My keyboard must be trying to tell me something. Because U and I are always together

Our first date was on a QWERTY keyboard……cuz then U and I could be together.

What’s the similarity between us and the qwerty keyboard? U and I are supposed to be next to each other

Whoever designed the QWERTY format keyboard was a prophet: He knew U and I belong together.

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